Ophthalmiatrio Eye Hospital of Athens

The Ophthalmiatrio Eye Hospital is the oldest Eye Clinic in Greece and one of the oldest Hospitals in Europe. It is offering continuously its services to the society for over 150 years.

The Ophthalmiatrio Eye Hospital was founded on 1843 and on 1856 it became the official Hospital of the University of Medicine in Athens Greece, headed by the Professor A. Anagnostakis the father of the ophthalmoscope, and then by Professors of Ophthalmology N. Dellaposrtas, G. Gazepis, M. Kontoleon, G. Cosmetatos and J. Charamis.

Today the scientific contribution of Ophtalmiatrio Eye Hospital is appreciated and recognized by the best ophthalmological centers and it is considered as a center where the most recent methods of treatment and surgery are afforded and a center where the education of the ophthalmoligists is excellent.

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