Agia Sofia Children’s Hospital in Athens

The clinical task of the Child Psychiatry Department includes the health and psychosocial care of children and adolescents hospitalized in the department’s units or in the other departments of the Aghia Sofia Hospital, as well as those cared for on an out-patient basis.

The Child Psychiatry Department provides diagnostic services, counseling and support as well as therapeutic approaches for a wide variety of child and adolescent disorders. It is also active in matters of primary prevention and the promotion of mental health.

The Department of Child Psychiatry belongs to the sector of Social Medicine, Psychiatry and Neurology of the Athens University Medical School.

Services provided by the Department of Child Psychiatry:

•  The care of hospitalized children and adolescents consisting in clinical diagnosis, paraclinical and laboratory tests and therapeutic intervention, up until the patient’s discharge from the hospital.

•  Offering services to children and adolescents (up to 14 years of age) with developmental and emotional disorders, learning disabilities and other chronic and related problems, as well as to their parents.

•  Social support of children and adolescents with chronic psychological or physical problems, providing psychotherapy, counseling for their families, education, work therapy and professional rehabilitation.

•  Prevention and therapeutic intervention for children and adolescents with psychological difficulties, consisting in collaboration with other educational, social welfare and health services, which also work with children.

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