Visitors Health Insurance In Greece

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Visitors spending short periods in Greece, e.g. up to a month, should have a travel health insurance policy, particularly if they aren’t covered by an international health policy.

If you plan to spend up to six months in Greece you should either take out a travel policy, a special long-stay policy or an international health policy, which should cover you in your home country and when travelling in other countries. Note that premiums vary considerably and it’s important to shop around.

Most international health policies include repatriation or evacuation (these may be optional), which may also include shipment (by air) of the body of a person who has died abroad to his home country for burial. Note that an international policy also allows you to choose to have non-urgent medical treatment in the country of your choice.

The cost of international health insurance varies considerably depending on your age and the extent of cover. Note that with most international insurance policies, you must enrol before you reach a certain age, e.g. between 60 and 80, to be guaranteed continuous cover in your old age.

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