The Greek Red Cross

red cross in greece

The Greek Red Cross was founded on 10 June 1877 following an initiative by Queen Olga.

It was immediately recognised by the International Committee of the Red Cross and is now a member of the “family” of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. During its long history it has remained committed to international humanitarian principles and voluntary help to fellow human beings.

The Greek Red Cross is the largest non-governmental organisation in Greece, with a complex mission based on voluntary action and direct response by citizens. Its aim is to relieve human suffering in time of war and peace, supporting the wounded, the sick, refugees, the elderly, the poor and people from every vulnerable population group. Its actions are based on vigilance, solidarity and altruism, and it is synonymous with disinterested service and selflessness.

The basic aims of the Greek Red Cross are:

  • In time of war: the support and reinforcement of the Military Health Service, provision of medical treatment to the sick and wounded, and the protection of prisoners of war, the civilian population and war victims.
  • In time of peace: the provision of relief and assistance to victims of disasters and epidemics, and humanitarian activities on an individual basis or in collaboration with the State and social services.

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