Greek Association of Alzheimer Disease and Relative Disorders


The Greek Association of Alzheimer Disease and Relative Disorders is a non-speculative company that was founded in 1995, by relatives of patients suffering from the Alzheimer Disease as well as by doctors of all specialties and mainly by Neurologists and Psychiatrists and also by other experts (such as pcychologists, civil servants, physiotherapists, etc) that deal with the problems caused by this illness and by other senilities.

The aims of the Association of Alzheimer Disease and Relative Disorders are:

1. Promote comprehension, support along with the action of all the people having any relation or interest concerning this illness in the frames of Greek state
2. Establish contact with other similar associations of other countries
3. Help in the establishment of Day Centres and Old Peoples’ Home that they will alleviate the family form the care of patient
4. Organise subsidiaries of Association in entire Greece, so as the benefits that will come up from the activities of each department become property of all Greek people
5. Encourage the writing and educational activity that will be not only addressed to health professionals, but also to those that do not have any relation with this field of health
6. Help in the creation of a climate, in the society, that will lead to the less possible marginalisation of patients and their families, but also to the most timely search of care
7. Promote scientific research as well as the hasty import of new therapeutic methods in our country
8. Organise interventions in the field of institutions of State that modulates the economic policy and the policy in the sector of head

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