KETHEA Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals

Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals – KETHEA is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation.

It has been operating since 1983, when ITHAKI, the first Greek therapeutic community for drug addicts was established.

therapy center for dependent individuals - KETHEA

On a daily basis, KETHEA offers its services to more than 3.000 persons (addicts and family members), thanks to a nation-wide network of services, which includes more than 70 units.

KETHEA is also active in the fields of primary prevention, professional training and research.

The road to recovery is marked by different stages. Each of these phases corresponds to a different unit of the therapeutic programme with its specific goals. KETHEA’s programmes also aim at the addicts’ close family.

In addition, every programme runs departments, which deal with the education and vocational training of the programme’s members, with research issues, as well as with administration and financial issues.

In this way, the therapeutic programmes are able to offer comprehensive services to drug addicted persons and their families and maintain the necessary autonomy and flexibility in order to respond to new needs.

Those who need drug addiction support can get it from the many organizations that were established to help not only drug addicts themselves, but their immediate families as well.


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