Pyxida Organization Against Drugs

Pyxida Organization Against Drugs in Greece is part of a coordinated effort, that is taking place in Greece, in the last few years, aiming at reducing the expansion of drug abuse (legal and illegal psychoactive substances), as well as promoting health as a way of life

Pyxida, is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, and was established in 1998, as an initiative of the Municipality of Sykies and other sensitive local bodies, in cooperation with the Organization Against Drugs (Ο.ΚΑ.ΝΑ.), which is the national coordinator in drug issues.

Pyxida Organization Against Drugs in Greece is staffed with addiction and mental health experts (psychologists, sociologists etc), and specializing in the area of prevention of addictions and of psychic health.

Based in the Municipality of Sykies and in co-operation with the Organisation Against Drugs (Ο.KA.NA.), Pyxida is undertaking a series of activities in schools, work places, clubs, local bodies, religious schools, army camps and in general in the wider local community of 21 Municipalities that are under its auspices.


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