General Hospital of Preveza

The General Hospital of Preveza is included in the National Health System, depends in the Regional Health System of Epirus and provides first degree and secondary care, equivalently in each citizen, independent from his economic, social and professional situation.

In his responsibility of operation, belong the Health Centers of Thesprotiko, Filippiada, Kanalaki and Parga, with their Regional Community Clinics, as well as the Center of Mental Health.

The building installations of the Hospital have a total surface of 2.010 s.m. and they are constituted by two independent buildings, in which are accommodated in their total all the services of the Unit.

The General Hospital of Preveza began his operation in June 1973 having developed the clinics Pathological and Surgery with total capacity of sixty (60) beds, the corresponding Outpatients’ Departments and two laboratories Microbiological and Radiological.

Then and more specifically with the application of Law 1397/1983 (National System of Health), the Institution entered in orbit of growth, reaching in his current form of capacity of hundred ten (110) beds.

The nursing service of Hospital according to the Organism of Hospital constitutes a separate Direction and is structured in two Sectors.

The Nursing Service is directed by the Director of Nursing Service assisted by the Nursing Committee.

The Nursing Service of General Hospital Preveza is structured in two sectors and concretely in the sector of hospitalization that covers the total of clinics, and the sector of hospitalization for the laboratories and the outpatients’ departments.

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