Greek Organization For Medicines

The National Organization of Medicines (EOF) was established in 1983 by Law 1316 and is a public entity of the Ministry of Health.

eof greek organization for medicines

The mission of EOF is to protect public health in relation to the circulation in Greece of:

  • medicinal products for human and veterinary use
  • human and animal health products; human and animal health products manufactured by human and humane methods
  • foods for special diets and food supplements
  • biocides
  • medical devices, food supplements and food supplements for animal nutrition and food supplements
  • cosmetic products

Within this mission, the EOF, in full transparency and in cooperation with the European Union:

  • evaluates and authorizes new safe and effective products
  • authorizes and approves safe and effective products and authorizes and approves new and effective products.
  • controls the production, clinical trials and distribution of products on the Greek market in order to ensure that the rules of good manufacturing, laboratory and clinical practice are respected and that the legislation on their distribution, marketing, sale and advertising is applied.
  • promotes medical and pharmaceutical research.
  • provides health professionals, competent bodies and the public with objective and useful information on medicinal products (human and veterinary) and other products with a view to their rational use and an objective assessment of their pharmaco-economic dimension.

The website of National Organization of Medicines (EOF) is available in Greek only:

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