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Panathinaikos Football Team

Panathinaikos F.C. Foundation: 1908

Panathinaikos F.C. Team Colors: Green & White

Panathinaikos F.C.Stadium: Leoforos Stadium – Apostolos Nikolaidis

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Panathinaikos is a major sports club based in Athens, Greece, with a rich history and significant contributions to Greek football. Panathinaikos Football Club, was founded by George Kalafatis on February 3, 1908, when he and 40 other athletes decided to break away from Panellinios Gymnastikos Syllogos after the club decided to discontinue its football team.

The club has had a significant impact on Greek football, with many notable players and achievements. For example, Panathinaikos won the 1929-30 championship undefeated under the leadership of József Künsztler and Angelos Messaris as the team’s star player. Other notable players of this period were Antonis Migiakis, Diomidis Symeonidis, Mimis Pierrakos and Stefanos Pierrakos.

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In 1971, under the leadership of Ferenc Puskás, Panathinaikos became the first and only Greek team to reach the final of the 1970-71 European Cup, losing 2-0 to Ajax at Wembley Stadium.

The club has won the Greek championship 20 times and the Greek Cup 19 times. The current squad includes players such as

  • Yuri Lodygin
  • Vasilis Xenopoulos
  • Alberto Brignoli
  • Giorgos Vagiannidis
  • Juankar
  • Bart Schenkeveld
  • Erik Palmer-Brown
  • Tin Jedvaj
  • Hordur Magnusson
  • Giorgos Sideras
  • Filip Mladenovic
  • Giannis Kotsiras
  • Ruben Perez
  • Jose Carlos “Zeca” Goncalves
  • Laszlo Kleinheisler
  • Bernard
  • Adam Gnezda Cerin
  • Daniel Mancini
  • Enis Cokaj
  • Aitor Cantalapiedra
  • Filip Djurisic
  • Sebastian Palacios
  • Tonny Vilhena
  • Willian Arao
  • Benjamin Verbic
  • Fotis Ioannidis
  • Andraz Sporar
  • Alexander Jeremejeff

What is the Home Stadium of Panathinaikos F.C

The home stadium of Panathinaikos F.C. is the Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium, also known as Leoforos Alexandras Stadium or simply Leoforos Stadium. It is located in the Ambelokipi district of Athens, Greece, and has a capacity of 16,003 seats. The stadium was inaugurated in 1922 and is the oldest football stadium in Greece currently active.

leoforos stadium of panathinaikos football club

Panathinaikos Arena, the New Home Stadium

Panathinaikos F.C. New Stadium, also known as Panathinaikos Arena or Votanikos Stadium, is a football stadium with an additional multi-purpose sports complex in Athens, Greece, which will house all departments of the Panathinaikos sports club. The complex is scheduled for completion in 2026.

The overall project includes a 39,000-seat football stadium, a 3,100-seat volleyball, handball and basketball stadium, a 500-seat swimming pool and gymnastics facilities. The complex will be located in the historic district of Votanikos, west of Athens. Construction will begin on April 6, 2023.

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Gate 13

In Greek stadiums, fans are seated according to their team loyalty. At Panathinaikos FC’s home ground, the most passionate fans congregate at Gate 13. This section is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, with fans right by the pitch, their chants driving the team’s performance no matter the score.

Historically a gathering place for the club’s less affluent supporters, Gate 13’s unnumbered seats stand in contrast to the more formal sections of the stadium. Established officially on November 19, 1966, Gate 13’s roots trace back even further, making it the oldest fan club in the country.

What Other Sports Events are held at the Panathinaikos F.C Stadium

The Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium, home to Panathinaikos F.C., is a multi-sport center that hosts a variety of sports events beyond football. The stadium houses several facilities under its stands, including an indoor hall, a small swimming pool, a boxing ring, and an indoor shooting range.

In addition to football, the stadium is the home ground for many other sports departments of Panathinaikos, such as boxing, fencing, archery, table-tennis, wrestling, weightlifting, and shooting. The stadium also has a swimming pool and a boxing rink.

The indoor hall, located under the East curve of the stadium, was the first indoor hall in Greece when it was constructed in 1959. It has a capacity of 1,500 and is known for the intense atmosphere created by Panathinaikos fans during events.

In conclusion, the Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium is a versatile sports venue that hosts a wide range of sports events, from football and rugby to boxing and fencing, making it a significant hub for sports in Athens, Greece.

Famous Players of Panathinaikos

Panathinaikos, a Greek sports club based in Athens, has had many notable players in its history. Here are some of the most famous ones:

  1. Mimis Domazos: Considered one of the greatest Greek footballers, Domazos helped Panathinaikos FC reach the 1971 European Cup Final. He was the team captain for over 15 years and is remembered for his significant contributions to the club.
  2. Krzysztof Warzycha: Warzycha is the second-highest scorer in Greek league history. He spent 15 seasons with Panathinaikos and is the club’s all-time leading foreign player in terms of participation and scoring, with 390 matches and 244 goals.
  3. Takis Loukanidis: Loukanidis is another player who is often considered among the greatest in the club’s history. He was a key player when Panathinaikos won the league with an undefeated record in the 1963-64 season.
  4. Dimitris Saravakos: Saravakos was a significant player in the 1980s, leading the club to the semifinal of the European Cup in the 1984-1985 season.
  5. Giorgos Karagounis: Karagounis is also often listed among the club’s greatest players.
  6. Giannis Goumas: Goumas is a notable player who emerged from Panathinaikos F.C.’s youth academy and served the club for 15 years. He was part of the Greek squad that won the UEFA Euro 2004.
  7. Juan Ramon Rocha: Rocha is one of the most frequently participating foreign players in the club’s history, with 226 participations.
  8. Josef Wandzik: Wandzik is another foreign player with significant participation, having played in 249 matches for the club.
  9. Djibril Cissé: Cissé is one of the top foreign scorers for the club, with 47 goals.

These players have made significant contributions to the club’s history and have left a lasting legacy in Greek football.

Most Successful Coaches to have coached Panathinaikos F.C

Panathinaikos F.C. has had several successful coaches throughout its history. Some of the most notable ones include:

  1. Ferenc Puskás: The legendary Hungarian footballer coached Panathinaikos from 1970 to 1974, leading the team to the 1971 European Cup Final, which remains the club’s best performance in European competitions.
  2. Stjepan Bobek: The Croatian coach was in charge of Panathinaikos from 1963 to 1967. Under his guidance, the team won the 1963-64 Greek Championship with an undefeated record.
  3. Jacek Gmoch: The Polish coach led Panathinaikos to the semifinals of the European Cup in the 1984-85 season.
  4. Juan Ramon Rocha: The Argentine player-turned-coach guided Panathinaikos to the Champions League semifinals in the 1995-96 season.
  5. Ivica Osim: The Bosnian coach managed Panathinaikos in the early 1990s and helped the team achieve domestic success.

These coaches have made significant contributions to the club’s history and have left a lasting legacy in Greek football.

Great Moments of Panathinaicos

Panathinaikos F.C., one of the most successful clubs in Greek football, has had numerous memorable moments in its history. Here are some of the most significant:

  1. 1971 European Cup Final: Panathinaikos is the only Greek team that has reached the European Cup (later renamed UEFA Champions League) final. This happened in 1971 when they lost to Ajax Amsterdam 2–0. This achievement was led by the legendary Ferenc Puskas, who was the team’s coach at the time. Antonis Antoniadis, a key player from that team, was the top scorer of the tournament.
  2. Undefeated Season (1963-64): Panathinaikos won the league with an undefeated record in the 1963-64 season. Key players during this season included Takis Loukanidis, Aristidis Kamaras, and Mimis Domazos.
  3. European Cup Semi-finals (1985 and 1996): The team reached the semi-finals of the European Cup twice, in 1985 and 1996. They also reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League on two other occasions (in 1992 and 2002), as well as the quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup twice (1988 and 2003).
  4. Balkans Cup (1977): Panathinaikos won the Balkans Cup in 1977, adding another feather to their cap in terms of international achievements.
  5. Derby of the Eternal Enemies: The matches between Panathinaikos and Olympiacos, known as the “Derby of the Eternal Enemies”, are always memorable. Dimitris Saravakos, a star player for Panathinaikos, is the leading scorer in the history of this derby with 16 goals.
  6. Greek Cup Victory (1988): In 1988, Panathinaikos won the Greek Cup with the help of Nikos Sarganis, who saved two penalties and scored one himself against his old club Olympiacos during the penalty shootout.
  7. Double Win (2004): Panathinaikos achieved a double win in 2004, winning both the league and the Greek Cup. This achievement was helped by the efforts of René Henriksen, who also helped the team reach the quarterfinal of the 2002-2003 Champions League.

These moments, among others, have helped to cement Panathinaikos F.C.’s status as a legendary football club with a rich history and a strong fan base.

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