Olympiacos Piraeus Football Team

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Olympiacos Football Team:

Olympiacos F.C. Foundation: 1925

Olympiacos F.C. Team Colors: Red & White

Olympiacos F.C. Stadium: Georgios
(Capacity: 33,500 )

Olympiacos Piraeus Football Team History

Olympiacos Sports Club of Piraeus” was founded on March 10, 1925 by the merge of two clubs, the “Athletics and Football Club of Piraeus” and the “Group of Piraeus Fans”. The name was an inspiration by Notis Kaberos who wanted the title of the new club to express power, sports superiority, ethics, noble emulation and the Olympic aspiration in general. The people who contributed to this new effort belonged to the category of self-made businessmen of the Great Port.

The living potential of the newly founded Football Club was amazing. The football team managed to outshine its opponents and most importantly, its greatest rival, Piraikos Sindesmos. Olympiacos defeated some of the greatest teams in Greek Football history; Iraklis football team, Apollon football team and Aris football team where among the teams that, in 1925, lost to Olympiacos with a wide difference. Most of the team’s footballers also played with Piraeus medley team, against Athens medley team. Their victories helped Olympiacos be acknowledged by all football fans.

Since 1979, the year that the law for professional football was installed, Olympiacos CFP have been the club to win more titles; 13 championships, four of which from 1979-80 to 1982-1983 and one in 1987 (all under the presidency of Mr. Stavros Daifas).

In 1993 Mr. Socrates Kokkalis bought Olympiakos team and lead the team to its seven consecutive championships (1996-97 to 2002-2003) and two straight doubles (2004/2005 and 2005/2006).

Olympiacos football team have also won the cup 22 times, more than any other team, as well as the Balcan Cup and the Super Cup (twice).

We should note that the reds are the only Greek team and one of the few in the world that has won the local championship 7 times in a row, breaking the earlier record they held (6 consecutive titles in the 50’s).

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