Dimitris Saravakos – Greek Football Player

dimitris saravakos greek football players

Dimitris Saravakos was born in the 26 of July 1961. Dimitris Saravakos consider to be one of the best Greek football players ever.

Arguably the most influential player in Greek football during the 1980s and 1990s. Dimitris Saravakos started from Panionios football team but with Panathinaikos football team he won a lot of championships and club titles. In July of 1994 he was traded to AEK football team where he became a free agent until May of 1996

Dimitris Saravakos has 77 appearances with the Greek National team in the 1982-1994 timeframe (22 goals). He played in the 1994 World Cup in the United States against the team of Argentina. He scored 185 times (127 goals with PAO) in 432 games for the Greek championship division.

Dimitris Saravakos was a charismatic player who had the ability to play in the biggest clubs of Europe. In early 90s, prior to the implementation of the ECJ’s Bosman ruling, Juventus wanted him, but Panathinaikos’ G.Vardinogianni’s rejected the transfer and Saravakos lost his opportunity to make a Europian career.

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