Mimis Domazos – Greek Football Player

mimis domazis greek football player

Mimis Domazos (Dimitris) was born in 22 January 1942 in Abelokipi, Athens.

Mimis Domazos is considered by many to be the best footballer that Greece has ever designate, often called the “one and only” or “the general” , a player with many virtues, full of emotion for the game, competitive, smart, quick, and the list goes on and on.

Mimis Domazos was famed for his very good dribbling ability, his creative passes and his leadership.

Mimis Domazos with the Panathinaikos football team won nine football championships, three football Cups and drove Panathinaikos in the European Champions League final as it’s captain in 1971. He played for two years (1978-1979) for AEK football team winning the football championship in 1979. He played in 535 football matches for the Greek Football Championship (record), and he scored 139 goals. He played 50 times with the National football team of Greece (4 goals) in the period of 1959-1980.

When he retired football, in 1980, Domazos was declared the most active football player in the history of Greek football (he played football for more than 21 years).

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