Paremvasi Therapeutic program in Greece

paremvasi therapeutic program in greece

The Paremvasi therapeutic program in Greece belongs to the Therapeutic Centre for Dependent Individuals (KETHEA) and provides its services to drug addicts over 20 years old and their families. The program aims at its members’ detoxification, education and social rehabilitation.

It initiated its operation in 1989 by establishing the Paremvasi Alternative Community in Raphina, Attica.

The Program consists of a Counseling Centre, an Alternative Community and a Rehabilitation Centre. These are units covering different detoxification phases. It also comprises a Family Support Centre to support the user’s family.

In addition, there are the Education Department, the Research Department and the Administration and Finance Department, which are complementary to the therapeutic units depending on their scope. Their goal is to contribute to the implementation of the targets set and to improve the services provided

The therapeutic program for drug addicts is a therapeutic approach based on:

  • The community, where people share common problems and goals.
  • Self-help because every community member tries to cope with one’s problems and break one’s impasse, with other people’s support.

The services are free of charge and each user has an equal opportunity to access treatment irrespective of his/her socioeconomic status and other personal parameters.

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