Onasis Cardiac Surgery Center

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The Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center (O.C.S.C.), a hospital specializing in cardiovascular surgery and in diagnostic and interventional cardiology, was designed, built, equipped and furnished by the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation.

In 1993, it was donated to the Greek State and has operated since under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, which through the appointment of the Board of Directors oversees the budget and the overall management. It operates as a non-profit institution.

The Board of Directors, in accordance with the wishes of the benefactor, organized the hospital to deliver modern cardiovascular care in Greece. It provides the complete spectrum of services to the local and international community, including preventive medicine and diagnosis and treatment for all forms of acquired and congenital heart diseases. The highly trained medical and nursing staff evaluate and personalize care according to individual needs and lifestyles.

Medical and nursing services are supported by such Offices, as for Quality Assurance, Information Systems, Biomedical Engineering and Continuous Education. An efficient administrative infrastructure co-ordinates all such activities.

The delivery of quality services is both demanding and costly, yet it is an absolute “must” for patient safety and satisfaction.

Medical, nursing and laboratory staff are selected for their knowledge, experience, and superior ethical standards. In-service training and continuous medical education ascertain the quality of patient care. The administrative staff is also renowned for their level of competence and outstanding professional standards.

Departments of the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center :

  • Cardiothoracic Surgery Department
  • Cardiology Department
  • Anesthesiology Department
  • Diagnostics Department

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