Achillopouleio General Hospital of Volos

Achillopouleio General Hospital of Volos began his operation before one century (1903) and functions up today without interruption. The newer history of Volos city and the configuration of her running physiognomy, begin with the annexation of Thessaly and Volos in Greek state in 1881.

Achillopouleio General Hospital of Volos

History of Achillopouleio Hospital

  • In 1900, under the auspices of Konstantinos and Nikolaos Achillopoulos, the foundation stone of the hospital was laid at its present location. The hospital began operations in 1903 and at that time was the second largest in Greece after the Evangelismos Hospital in Athens.
  • In 2007 the new wing was inaugurated, with a total area of 33500 sq.m.
  • Today it has 400 organic beds and is the largest prefectural hospital of the 5th Prefecture.
  • It is the largest public hospital of the 5th Health Division of Thessaly and Central Greece.
  • The hospital admits about 24,000 patients annually with an average length of stay of 3.5 days.
  • The Hospital’s Outpatient Clinics serve approximately 80,000 patients annually.
  • The Emergency Department of the Hospital handles approximately 60,000 emergency cases annually.

The main concern of the Hospital’s management and staff is to provide quality health care services with a focus on safety and better service to citizens. This is achieved through the implementation of best medical and nursing practices, which are based on the high level of scientific training of the staff, research and continuous education and training.

In addition, modern administrative procedures are implemented to support the work of the hospital through the use of an integrated health services information system that ensures transparency, speed and efficiency in public administration. The website is continuously improved and updated.

Our goal is to provide the right information to citizens so that with their cooperation we can achieve the provision of quality health services and establish a strong sense of security for all.

The General Hospital of Volos serves on a 24-hour basis all week (365 days a year) a Regional Unit with a population that according to ELSTAT data (2011) amounts to 204,000 inhabitants. This population can double and reach 400 000 during the summer season, making it a tourist destination, including the mountainous area of Pelion and the island cluster of the Northern Sporades Islands.

The purpose of the hospital is:

  • The provision of primary and secondary health care to the population of Thessaly and Central Greece.
  • The specialization, continuous education and training of doctors, nurses and other health professionals, with the development and implementation of appropriate training programmes.
  • The development and promotion of research in the field of health. To this end, it shall implement and develop research programmes and cooperate with other relevant bodies, as well as international organisations, scientific and research centres.
  • The cooperation with the nursing institutions and other health units of Thessaly and Central Greece.
  • Implementation of new methods and forms of care, aiming at the effective promotion of the health of citizens.

Contact Information

  • Address: Polymeri 134, Volos, 38222, Greece
  • Telephone: +30-2421351000
  • Website:

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