Achillopouleio General Hospital of Volos

achillopouleio hospital of volos

Achillopouleio General Hospital of Volos began his operation before one century (1903) and functions up today without interruption. The newer history of Volos city and the configuration of her running physiognomy, begin with the annexation of Thessaly and Volos in Greek state in 1881.

As it is presented by the historical elements the institution was from the first activities of citizens of that season in Volos city. The financing of his manufacture was based exclusively on the citizen offers and charitable supports.

The operation and his increase, from then up to today, can be separated in three periods, taking consider the big earthquake that become in Volos in 1956. We have the first period, before the earthquake (1903-1956), the second period (1956-1964), immediately after the earthquake and finally the third period, when the hospital was installed in the new building, where functions up to today.

The history and the various phases is connected with the social level and with the development of medicine.

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