Ariston, an Olympic Games victor

Ariston, a victor in the Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia

“For thirty days I trained with other young people at the square gymnasium in the city of Elis.

There we trained in wrestling. There were special rooms where we smeared ourselves with oil.

The training areas were covered with dirt, so we could fall on soft ground. The oil made the opponent slippery, so we needed more strength to hold our opponents.

A little dust in our hands helped us not to sweat too much, but also not to let the opponent slip with ease from our holds.

On the eve of the Olympic Games, we departed for Olympia. It was a very hot day of the sacred month. As we approached our destination, the smell of plane trees and the cicadas reminded me of stories that I have heard about famous Olympic victors”.

Travel more than 2000 years ago in ancient Greece and read the story of young Ariston, an Olympic Games victor.

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