Skoda Xanthi Football Club

sconda xanthi football team logo

Skoda Xanthi Football Team

Xanthi F.C. Foundation: 1967

Xanthi F.C. Team Colors: Red

Xanthi F.C. Stadium: Skoda Xanthi Arena (Capacity: 7,422)

Skoda Xanthi Football Club History

Skoda Xanthi football club was formed in 1967 from the merger of two local football clubs, Aspida and Orfeas. The official name of the team was Xanthi Athletic Club until 1991.

In 1991, Viamar S.A., the official importer of Skoda vehicles in Greece, bought the football club and renamed it to Skoda Xanthi Athletic Football Club.

Skoda Xanthi football team left the old stadium, Skoda Xanthi Stadium (capacity 9,500) located close to the centre of the city, for the Skoda Xanthi Arena in 2004. Xanthi’s new stadium is located 8km outside the city of Xanthi, near Pigadia village, and it has a capacity of 7,422 in three stands. When the final stand is finally built, the capacity of the stadium will be increased to 9,000 seats.

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