Elounda, Crete

A farmer in elounda

eloundaHere in Elounda, Crete, the pace of life is far from what Alexis Zorbas enjoyed. Just 30 years ago, Elounda was a quiet farming and fishing community… perhaps the very reason why travelers were drawn to her.

Today, only small pockets of traditional village life remain.  Tourism has been a blessing for struggling farmers; however, it has changed the face of Crete forever.  The simple things in life are the most important — as the older villagers like Yiorgos will remind you.

Yiorgos represents this society in transition — somewhere between then and now.  He maintains his own small farm in between his full-time job in construction.  He refuses to buy food from outside sources and even collects salt from a rocky beach nearby.  “The chicken I eat must first dine at my house,” he says.

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