Perama Cave

Perama Cave in Ioannina was dedicated to Pluto and Persephone in antiquity.

perama cave in ioannina greece

The Perama cave in Ioannina covers an area of 14,800 sq. m, while the tourist route is 1100 metres long in total. A two-kilometre path dotted with steps and bridges crosses the cave from end to end.

Perama Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Greece and in the Balkans, with a unique variety of 14 types of stalagmite and stalactite, all in different shapes and sizes.

All the cave formations have been numbered and named according to the “image” they represent.

The cave’s distinguishing feature is the Cross stalagmite, a unique work of nature created when one of the stalactites which had dripped for thousands of years onto the double-pointed stalagmite below, broke off and wedged between the points, forming a cross.

Cave bear teeth and bones, as well as murals dating back to the era when Pluto and Persephone were worshipped, have been discovered in the cave.

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