Windsurfers’ World Windsurfing In Rhodes Dodecanese Islands

Windsurfers’ World Windsurfing In Rhodes Dodecanese Islands is located in Ixia Bay on the island of Rhodes. The center covers over 400 square meters of beach and is ideally situated on the north west cost which is known for its steady cross-shore winds. Strong winds and waves water conditions makes this the perfect spot for free stylers, racers and kite-surfers. Take this opportunity to learn windsurfing in Rhodes, one of the best windsurfing locations in Greece – or improve your technique in perfect conditions using our extensive range of up-to-date JP and Neil Pryde equipment. We also own a Kite Center situated in Kremasti in the west side of Rhodes Island. The location is a relatively quiet beach offering a long, clear shore-line and more than enough space for all levels of kiters, not just the pros.


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