Viraggas Mansion traditional houses in Macedonia Greece

Viraggas Mansion traditional houses in Macedonia Greece is a new traditional Hotel in the village of Vrastama. Originally the mansion was a 19th century two storey building and it has been rebuilt using traditional stone, timber and local knowledge. The area is little known by tourists and still retains its original buildings and natural environment. The Hotel consists of six astonishing rooms. All the spaces are decorated with pieces of the owner΄ collection. A second building has space for breakfast and dinner. The surrounding space is characterized by its astonishing green garden in various levels, with its pathways and relaxing spaces. There is also a small swimming-pool for the summer and a splendid sitting place under the trees with a traditional stone oven and a barbecue. Guests can participate in the preparation of homemade marmalades, raki, semolina and pies or watch candle making or olive pressing. A relaxing holiday at Viraggas Mansion is an experience not to be missed.


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