Via Natura Outdoor Activities In Tzoumerka, Epirus

Via Natura Outdoor Activities In Tzoumerka, Epirus organizes rafting, canyoning, climbing and mountain biking tours in carefully selected sites in the area of Tzoumerka in Epirus. The Tzoumerka mountains are located in north-west Greece and they are part of the mountain range of Pindos. Via Natura offers outdoor activities in the rivers or in the mountains of Epirus. Beautiful and long rivers are found on the mountain range of Pindos in Epirus, the most mountainous area in Greece. There are rivers of all degrees of difficulty for rafting in inflated boats, in two-seater crafts hot-dog or in one-seated crafts “mono-raft”. Experience and fitness is essential for rafting, but the ability to swim and the willingness to play with water are absolutely necessary in any case. We offer tours by mountain bikes through the forests, dirt tracks and villages. Canyoning, climbing, archery and horse riding tours are also available.


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