Ta Petrina traditional houses in Central Greece

Ta Petrina traditional houses in central Greece is situated in the village of Ano-Chora in the area of Nafpaktos, a warm and beautiful guesthouse at the beginning of the village. It contains separate stone houses with unique views, close to a forest with firs and chestnuts. The houses have a stone fireplace, TV-DVD, kitchen and big piazza. The Oreini Nafpakteia is one of the most beautiful places of Greece, appropriate for winter or summer holidays. The highland Nafpaktia is an area of excellent beauty, with historical abbeys, small bridges and really beautiful paths that will impress you. The Ano-Chora village has old houses that represent the architecture of the local area. Guests can taste local food and the traditional Tsipouro or listen to traditional music and watch dancing events at the central square of the village. The Ta Petrina guesthouse offers comfortable accommodation in a welcoming atmosphere for all year round hospitality near Nafpaktos in central Greece.

Website: http://www.petrina.gr

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