Kos Divers Diving In Kos, Greece

Kos Divers Diving In Kos, Greece, is located in Kipriotis Village at Psalidi area 3 km from Kos town, Greece. We offer different diving courses from bubble maker to dive master. We organize boat dives, shore dives, wreck dives, deep dives and open sea dives. We also offer SASY, the new and exciting way of snorkeling! SASY is Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth that lets you experience the underwater world the easy way – by snorkeling with scuba equipment instead of a snorkel, and many other programs specially designed for kids from 5 to 10 years old. All our diving programs, excursions and diving courses are supervised by our experienced and certified stuff. All our stuff is friendly and willing to give you all information and guidance you need.

Website: http://www.kosdivers.com

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