Katafygio traditional houses in Macedonia Greece

Katafygio traditional houses in Macedonia Greece consists of five two storey flats in the village of Polygyros, the capital of Halkidiki. Built in 2006 using traditional architecture and materials, the flats are self contained and include a bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, system of heating and cooling, and a TV set, with DVD and CD player are also available. Two sofa beds, a small table for the living room, and a dinner table with its chairs complete the interior decoration of the first floors. Of course, it would be inconceivable to leave out the fireplaces which are made of stone and create a warmth and comfort in the place. Katafygio is ideal for those who want to escape from the pressure of city life, during the winter or summer months, as there is a pool and the sea is only 12 km away. Each flat has its own balcony where you can enjoy undisturbed the view and the fresh air of the forest, or even sunbathe during the sunny summer days.

Website: http://www.katafygio-village.gr

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