Hotel Nostos traditional houses in Macedonia Greece

Hotel Nostos traditional houses in Macedonia Greece, situated on the road to Aridea-Loutra. The hotel΄ traditional appearance, the bricks and the wooden windows incorporate the building in harmony with nature. Come to enjoy the amazing nature for various kinds of sports or only for relaxing. Now you can enjoy the 15 beautiful suites designed in high luxury quality with comfort in mind. Each has a kitchen, TV, telephone, fireplace, jacuzzi, even a sauna waiting to satisfy your high demands. Hotel Nostos is at the crossroad, between Loutra Spa and the Kaimaktsalan-Voras ski resorts. After climbing and skiing experience the hot thermal water named Pozar. The Pozar-Loutra Spa’s are placed in the Kaimaktsalan mountains. From there, one can start a walk towards the canyon. The paths are excellently signed and the environment is fantastic. A stay at the Hotel Nostos will give you a luxury place to relax after a unique adventure in the stunning countryside enjoying Macedonia hospitality.


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