Fun Center Windsurfing In Paros, Cyclades Islands

Fun Center Windsurfing In Paros, Cyclades Islands, is the result of the many years of experience in windsurfing and safety matters combined with the excellent quality of the equipment offered. It started operating in the early 90s under the management of Bernd Schulz and Nikos Louridis. Fun Center is located in Golden Beach one of the longest sandy beaches on Paros island, ideal for windsurfers of any level (beginner through advanced). It is located in the South-eastern side of Paros, opposite to the island of Naxos. Golden Beach is easily accessible from Paros port or airport, by taxi or public bus, or after arrangement with the station by private transfer. Our equipment includes about 60 fully rigged sails at our customers disposal starting from as small as 3,2 sq. meters for stormy days, up to 8,5 sq. meters for low wind days. Most of the rings are made by NORTH SAILS.


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