Eco Action tourism in Athens Greece

Eco Action tourism in Athens Greece is active in the field of river and mountain activities events. We own two base camps in the regions of Achaia and Arcadia and since 2002 have expanded into the Greek islands. Eco Action tries to seek out the individual eco-elements characteristic to each region and particularly opportunities for walking and trekking routes, footpaths, combined with visits to local sites of exceptional natural beauty and historical or other landmarks. We also offer activities such as rafting, biking, horse riding, excursions in off-road vehicles, mountain climbing, walking or sea excursions (by kaiki boats, kayak etc) or any other activities that can take place due to the individuality of the location. Eco Action create and execute eco-programmes that achieve our two goals, firstly to have contact with the unknown Greece and secondly to have fun and entertain in conjunction with our outdoor activities. This includes taking an environmental interest in our area.


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