A.DI.ME.K. O.P. Property in Crete

A.DI.ME.K. O.P. Property in Crete, Greece is based in Chania. A.DI.ME.K. O.P. Property in Crete was established in 2005 with the main objective of supplying real estate management and has since expanded its activities to cover a large gamut of services in the area of real estate, with the aim of providing complete solutions for its customers. In particular, the company activated separate sections for construction of building complexes and apartments, all of perfect quality with imported materials; buying and selling real estate and management; decoration of interior and exterior spaces in collaboration with architects and decorators, and renovations of buildings and apartments. Whatever your building requirement A.DI.ME.K. O.P. property in Crete is sure to have the expertise you need for a high quality development anywhere on the island of Crete.

Website: http://adimek.com

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