Zeus, father of the Greek Gods


Zeus, father of the gods and people, symbolized omnipotence and absolute authority to the ancient Greeks.

Zeus was the eldest of his brothers and sisters and undertook the responsibility to govern the universe.

However, he always had time to seduce a goddess or a beautiful princess and in this way provoked the jealousy of his legal wife, Hera.

Zeus’s most significant symbol was the thunderbolt, the most valuable weapon he possessed. Next was the mace which had an eagle at one end and represented his authority. There was also the aegis, the skin of Amaltheia which made him invincible.

Zeus, as we have said, was the chief of all gods. He had the whole universe under his supervision; he protected nature, but also various aspects of the private, social and political life of people. He was the leader of all gods and the most powerful.

Zeus’s holy tree was the oak tree. On many occasions he is portrayed with two earthenware jars by his side which symbolized the good and bad he served out to the people.

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