Hera, the Queen of the Greek Gods


Hera was one of the most interesting figures among the twelve ancient Greek gods.

Daughter of Cronus and Rhea, the only legal wife of Zeus, goddess of the heavens.

Hera was the protector of marriage and married people, particularly women, and the embodiment of marital loyalty.

Hera personifies the virtues and weaknesses of a married woman.

Hera was loyal, dedicated, tender and obedient to her master, but also dynamic, resourceful, quarrelsome, snivelsome, oppressive, envious, passionate and a vengeful wife. She was a woman who wants her husband only to herself, and thinks up of anything she can to keep him by her side. She vehemently envies, hates, and passionately seeks revenge.

Heras’ jealousy, inextinguishable flame, burns her innards and pesters her mind. Her revenge sweeps everything before her. She battles desperately for anything she is entitled to, and particularly for the object of her passion.

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