History of Sifnos

The Sifnos historystarts from the antiquity, like any other place in Greece. Over the centuries, the island was known under different names, such as: Ake, Meropi, Sifounas and Sifanos, among many others.

In ancient time Sifnos was wealthy due to its silver and gold mines. Something went wrong with the mines and production ceased. The Sifnians deposited the treasures at the oracle of Delphi.

Sifnos is also known as “Poets island”, being the birth place of many poets.

Famous poets of Sifnos are Ioannis Gryparis, Aristomenis Provelengios, Cleanthis Triantaphillou (also known as Rambaya), Stelios and Theodosios Sperantzas, Nikos G. Stafilopatis,  Titos Patrikios, as well as  the playwright Manolis Korres, the journalist and literary author Georgios X. Manjouranis, the folklorist Manos Philippakis and the academics and authors Antonios G Troullos, Nikos Kalmaris and many others.

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