Sifnos Folklore Museum

Sifnos Folklore Museum is located in Apollonia, in Eroon Square (Heroes Square, the central square), it opened in 1974 and shows exhibits which prove the high level of folk art and culture heritage in Sifnos.

As you enter the Sifnos Folklore Museum, to the left and up a stairway, there is a room in which a variety of objects are on exhibit. You can see guns and swords belonging to Sifnian fighters, nautical instruments, booty from battles, a one-cylinder steam engine, handmade tools such as a goldsmith’s bellows, a wood lathe and many more.

On the wall there are pages from newspaper Sifnos, which has been published since 1880. There are also busts of famous Sifnians (such as N. Chrysoyelos and Apostolis Makrakis), as well as lists of patriarchs and archbishops starting from 1923.

The room to the right houses stones from the acropolis of Saint Andreas, a Sifnian foot-powered potter’s wheel, an earthenware cauldron lid, a barrel and other potter’s tools. Also, there are on display a brazier for warming a room, a cooking pot, a clay soup pot, a basket for collecting olives and many more food platters.

The Sifnos Folklore Museum exhibits many more objects like agricultural tools, items of domestic use, traditional costumes and local apparel that define the Sifnian life during the years, as well as a collection of books that have been published up to today.

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