Rhodes Travel Tips, Banks, Medical Assistance

Banks in Rhodes are normally open Mon. – Fr. 08.00 – 14.00 but closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

You’ll find banks in all towns and main resorts and all of them change money, travelers cheques and euro cheques supported by an euro cheque card. Some banks also give cash on major credit cards.

There are also plenty exchange offices around the island (in rent a car, hotels, travel agencies). When changing travelers cheques don’t forget to take your passport along.

Most major credit cards are accepted in many shops, taverns and banks, but it is advisable to check first.

Medical assistance in Rhodes

Don’t worry about the standard of medical care in Rhodes, it is good. Doctors here receive first rate training and as they do not have the same volume of patients as UK doctors are expected to deal with, you may even find you get more time and attention here. A visit to a doctor in Rhodes will require you to pay all bills in cash.

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