Paros Archaeological Museum

Paros Archaeological Museum is considered to be one of the most interesting museums in the Aegean Sea. The archeological museum in Paros is located in Parikia right near the High School. The museum was founded in 1960 and comprises 2 rooms and an atrium.

Room A houses the Archaic and Classical sculpture and room B houses sculpture, pottery and other small findings from Neolithic to the Roman period. The atrium houses other sculptures, urns, architectural parts and mosaic floor from the Roman period.

Though the limited space where Paros archaeological museum is housed at, the entire history is re-created before your eyes. It starts with the Neolithic and Bronze Age then continues to the Classic and Hellenistic period. The yard of the museum is filled with impressive sculptures such as Victory from Parikia or he seated Dimitra from Dilio.

Some of the most important items in the exposition are: Marble statue of Gorgo which dates back from mid-6th century B.C. and was found in 1993 inside an ancient public building at Parikia, two marble relief plaques, Colossal marble statue of Artemis which was found in Delion of Paros and dates to 480-490 B.C, marble statue of Nike, Marble statue of an enthroned goddess, Archaic capital from the Archilochos Monument which dates to the 6th century B.C., Neolithic female figurine, Marble statue of a kore wearing a chiton, Archaic kouros and The Parian Chronicle which is an inscription containing historical, literary and religious information from prehistoric period to 264 B.C.

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