Stamps for the Olympic Games in Greece

olympic stamp

The 2004 Olympic Games could not do otherwise but affect the issuing programme for new Greek stamps.

The Olympic Games have really been a unique challenge for collectors.

A total of 15 series of Olympic stamps have been launched, confirming, once more, the imagination of the artists who produced them and the quality of printing.

The aim of these new stamps is, as always, to promote Greek civilisation and the Olympic Games’ eternal values, which, with today’s general trends towards commercialisation of ideas and cultural coexistence, acquires a special meaning.

Of all the Greek stamps issued by the Hellenic Post to commemorate the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, those designed by artist Alekos Fassianos are arguably the most memorable. By blending modern, ancient, folkloric and classical styles, the stamps capture the Olympic Games’ timeless ideal of peaceful competition.

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