Nightlife In Mykonos, Bars and Clubs in Mykonos

The nightlife in Mykonos is considered one of the best in Greece as Mykonos is rated among the four top clubbing destinations in the Mediterranean, along with Napa, Rimini and Ibiza. Mykonos attracts the world famous DJs and many Greek celebrities.

Nightlife in Mykonos is exciting and intoxicating and is one of the reasons for which the tourism is flourishing on the island. In terms of nightlife, Mykonos has been compared to Ibiza. Mykonos is one of the most cosmopolitan and crowded island of the Cyclades, drawing tourists who are looking for a vivid holiday.

Chora, the capital, where most of the clubs are, fills up with people of all ages, sexual and musical preferences. The clubs are chic and expensive (as anything in Mykonos) and please any musical taste: from electronic music to rock music. As you would expect, the clubs are trendy and offer any drink possible (do try the cocktails).

Clubs in Mykonos

The most famous clubs in Mykonos are: Cavo Paradiso (house, trance), Argo (rock music), Aigli and Pierro’s (gay club featuring transvestite shows).

Somewhere on the edge of the sea meeting the island, you will find Club Cavo Paradiso. It was opened in 1993 on a rock looking over Paradise Beach and comprises 3.000 square meters. The club has 2 bars at different levels.  It’s a unique house music shelter that leads the trend and it’s the place where all the famous DJ came. What makes it unique is the dance floor located right in front of the deck.

Greek Dancing in Mykonos

If you want to listen to Greek music don’t miss Plaisir and La Notte. Very popular for the Rhembetika music is The Mykonos Bar. Here you can see Greek dancing, as well.

Bars in Mykonos

Other great bars include: Irish, Mercedes and Seven Sins. After a long night out, you can choose to drink a coffee at the coffee-bar Ibiza. Other nice places to party are Paradise Club (techno) and Space Dance.

The celebrities partying in Mykonos will eventually pop up at Hotel Phillipi where there is a large outdoor restaurant, with an indoor garden turned into a dance floor.

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