Gay Mykonos, Gay Bars, Gay Beaches and Gay Accommodation in Mykonos

Mykonos, the gay-friendly island in Greece

Mykonos is also known as the international gay Mecca. It attracts people from any sexual minority and each summer, every place on the island tends to be a weird mix of straight and gay.

To the south of the island, there is a number of beaches that are mostly for naturists and gay people. The most famous of them is Super Paradise.

Mykonos is a less pretentious gay version of St. Tropez: exclusive and glamorous but without snobbery or attitude. Straights are on their best behavior, while gays can be very relaxed about their sexual preferences. No one would take a second look at two men holding hands while walking along the narrow streets.

Somehow Mykonos avoided the disaster of mass tourism. There aren’t any motorways or traffic lights, big supermarkets or general stores but the intimate, village-like atmosphere is worth the trip and money. Everything is whitewashed: the houses, the churches, the restaurants. The streets are narrow, overhung with pink blossoms and once in a while you can find a cat sitting on the doorstep gazing at the passers-by.

Gay Bars on Mykonos

Mykonos is a place to relax and the gay scene is pretty stylish. Pierro’s, Icaros and Manto are famous gay bars in Mykonos located next to each other near the Taxi Square. Pierro’s is internationally famous and it has been in Mykonos for decades. The upstairs dance bar at Pierro’s has a lovely balcony that overlooks the street, while Icaros has a lovely roof terrace, perfect for some romance beneath the stars. At the other end of the harbor, near the blue-domed church, there is Porta Bar, which looks and feels like a traditional English gay pub. Near the Paraportiani Church, there is Kastro’s, the perfect place to enjoy cocktails and beautiful sunsets.

Everyone comes to Mykonos and you are bound to meet Germans, Italians, English and French, all looking for some gay entertainment. During the summer months, you may even see some American gay cruise ship in town.

Gay Beaches on Mykonos

Beside Super Paradise, there are two more beaches with nude and gay sections: Paradise and Elia beach. They are next to each other and the most pleasant way to get there is by boat.

Restaurants and small bars overlook the sea and during the night they turn into real open-air clubs. To get to Paradise and Elia you can take the bus, while Super Paradise is available only by boat. Of course you can rent a jeep or a motor scooter as an alternative.

Gay Accommodation on Mykonos

There aren’t any big hotels in Mykonos. Instead there are houses with 10-20 apartments scattered on the hillside above the harbor. Among the gay friendly hotels there are: Pelican Bay, Cavo Tagoo, Christina Studios, Tharroe, Belvedere and Elysium. Prices can be rather high however, at Belvedere a double room, in the middle of the season is 315 € per room per nigh (including breakfast and taxes).

Don’t forget to go shopping and to enjoy the traditional Mykonian specialties such as kopanisti, ouzo, soumada or amygdalota. Exploring the history and culture is a good idea also, with Delos just 2 kilometers away and a lot of museums and churches to see in town.

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