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General Presentation of the Greek Social Security System

If you dream of living in Greece, then you need to know about Social Security. Here is a comprehensive description of the Greek Social Security System in a Word (.doc) file (source: Hellenic Ministry of Labor and Social Security).

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Protecting Citizens’ Rights: The Greek Ombudsman

The Greek Ombudsman is a constitutionally sanctioned Independent Authority. It was founded in October 1998 and operates under the provisions of Law 3094/2003. The Ombudsman provides its services to the public free of charge, and received more than 41.865 complaints during its five first years of operation (from 1 October 1998 to 31 December 2002).

The Greek Ombudsman investigates individual administrative actions or omissions or material actions taken by government departments or public services that infringe upon the personal rights or violate the legal interests of individuals or legal entities.

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Moving to Greece

European Union citizens have the right to travel freely throughout the 15-nation bloc. They may even decide to live and work in any member state. Here’s how they can set up home in Greece. Compared to the gruelling bureaucratic paper chase facing non-EU foreigners in Greece, the application procedure for EU citizens seeking residence papers is child’s play.

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The cost of living in Athens compared to the big capitals of the world

This is the latest cost-of-living survey with New York as the base city scoring 100 points.
This survey, which covers 144 cities, measures the comparative cost of over 200 items in each location.
These include the cost of housing, food, clothing and household goods, together with transportation and entertainment.

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A church in downtown Athens offers liturgy in English

greek priestIt is a bold step to take for a conservative institution; a necessary evil, as it were. The Greek Orthodox Church is now holding regular services in English at the Sacred Chapel of Saint Andrew ( Aghios Andreas ) in Plaka.

An initiative of the Archbishop of Athens to cater to the growing number of English-language speakers who wish to go to church, the move has been very positively welcomed by the community.

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