Taxis in Greece

taxi in greece

Taxis in Greece are very cheap by European standards. All licensed Greek taxis are equipped with metres (the fare is charged per km) and display a card detailing the latest valid tariffs and surcharges.

In certain tourist areas, you may be asked to pay a predetermined (standard) amount for a ride to a specific destination; thus, before boarding a taxi make sure to seek information from another source on the exact fare for the journey.

One can stop a Taxi in Greece by simply raising a hand or go to Taxi stations which are located everywhere in Greece, it may occur that the taxi already has passengers inside or take other people during the ride, as it is common to share taxis.

Extra charges apply after 12:00 midnight (Tariff 2) and for each piece of luggage carried.

Charge per km :

For taxis throughout the country : € 0.32 (Tariff 1) and € 0.60 (Tariff 2). Also € 1 for initial charge (flagdown rate).
For rural taxis throughout the country : € 0.28 per km if the passenger is to return to the point of hire (Return trip Tariff 1) and € 0.56 per km in case he does not return to the point of hire (Single trip Tariff 2)

Pre booked Taxi are also available in Greece upon request at extra charge, you may call them in advance from the reception of your hotel, or directly to their central, they will come and pick you up from almost everywhere.

Surcharges from airport, ferry, railway or intercity coach terminals :

From railway, port and intercity coach terminals: € 0.80
From/to “ Eleftherios Venizelos” Athens International Airport 3 euro, “ Macedonia ” Thessaloniki Airport : € 2.50 and other airports 2 euro.
Radio taxi extra charge: € 1.50 (simple call), € 2.50 (appointed time & place).

*Minimum charge: € 2.50 for Athens and Piraeus, € 2.70 for the rest of the country.

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