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The American College of Greece was founded in 1875 by American Christian missionaries as a primary and secondary school for girls in Smyrna, Asia Minor, the College expanded into higher education in 1885.

Events there forced it to close in 1922, and the College reopened in Athens in 1923 at the invitation of Eleftherios Venizelos, the internationally renowned statesman.

In 1936 the school was named Orlinda Childs Pierce College in memory of the wife of a benevolent supporter.

Pierce College is a Greek-speaking junior high and senior high school. The motto of the College – “Non ministrari sed ministrare”. “You are not here to be served but to serve” -defines the character and work of the College. To succeed in its effort to educate young people, Pierce College believes that there should be a uniform and consistent policy among teachers in dealing with problems in schooling and that, since the family plays an important role in the child’s development, close teacher-parent cooperation is essential.

Deree College, the undergraduate division of The American College of Greece, is an independent college accredited by The New England Association of Schools and Colleges offering English-speaking bachelor’s degree programs in arts and sciences and in business. Deree College continues our long heritage of providing outstanding instructors, small class size, superb facilities, and our commitment to excellence.

Deree College has two campuses, one located in Saint Paraskevi, a northeastern suburb of Athens, the other, Downtown campus, located near the business center of Athens.

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