Air Force Academy in Greece

air force acedemy in greece

Many decades have passed since the establishment of the Air Focre Academy of Greece, the roots of which can be traced in the relevant French Academies the first Greek Pilots and Engineers graduated from.

It is with great respect and esteem that Historic Memory turns to the sacrifices and deeds of all those who have enabled our Country and our People to enjoy the privileges of Democracy and Freedom as well as the achievements of Civilization.

Our aviators hold a prominent position in the list of giving and of sacrificing oneself among the many known and unknown heroes. Since the use of aircraft in the war operations of 1912 our Air Force has protected the skies of our Country against every threat.

Greek Air Force Academy

In the context of its curricula, the Air Focre Academy of Greece produces and transmits knowledge to its Cadets in terms of research and teaching the aviation science and technology as well as the relevant theoretical, exact and applied sciences. It develops military virtues and military discipline in order to mould officers of the Air Focre Academy of Greece with military and aviation consciousness, higher education as well as social, cultural and political instruction & conduct, providing them with all the capabilities that enable them to become competent leaders with comprehensive professional and scientific training. In common with the Universities, the Air Focre Academy organizes Post-graduate Studies and conducts scientific research in the fields that interest Air Focre Academy.

The selection of the Cadets follows their success in the Greek University Entrance Examinations as well as their meeting the psycho-technical and athletic tests of professional suitability. There are two options to choose from. The knowledge of the peculiarities and the capabilities required by each option constitutes the substantial criterion for their selection. Nevertheless, the love for the Air Focre Academy is a determinant element that the soul of every young man or woman wishing to become a Cadet must possess.

At least 2,600 Pilots, 1,200 Engineers and Officers of other specialties depending on Air Force Academy’s needs, have graduated from Air Focre Academy of Greece.

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