ADSL In Greece

ADSL in Greece has become widely available in the last few years, and several companies offer their services. Signing up involves a lengthy application process on the store, where you have to produce telephone bills, Greek ID, and tax numbers.

If you are planning to visit Greece for a short time, getting ADSL might be impossible for many reasons.

First you need to have a telephone line to your name, and I could not imagine how anyone can sign up without a Greek ID and Greek tax numbers (AFM) .

ADSL connection speeds in Greece range from 768/192 to 24Mbps depending on the company and the lines available to every provider. Your location is also important, as provider networks are still being developed and do not offer the same speeds everywhere. Indicative prices are € 16.5 per month for 768Kbps, € 19.5 for 1Mbps and € 21.5 for 24Mbps (differences between companies are no more than € 3 – 5 per month).

There are also pre-paid packages which you can easily buy at slightly lower prices than unlimited time packages.

Using the availability search engine, you can see if ADSL technology has reached your area.

In some cases there may be reasons why your request cannot be met at this point (e.g. if you have a PCM phone connection, if you are too far away from the OTE telephone centre, if there is no ADSL service provider in your area, etc.)

Type your telephone number in the field of the ADSL provider you are interested in and click OK to see if you are covered. Link: ADSL Availability

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