Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus ( 2,917m. elevation)

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain range in Greece and the second-highest in the Balkans, after Mountain Rilo in Bulgaria.

Mount Olympus lies on a roughly NW-SE axis between Thessaly and Macedonia and is connected to all the heights forming the mixed terrain of the region.

Mount Olympus is divided from the Pierian Mountains to the north by the Petra pass and from Mountain Ossa to the south by the beautiful Tempi valley, through which flows the River Pineios.

The plain lying between Mount Olympus and the coast of the Aegean Sea (at Pieria) is triangular in shape, with its narrowest point at Platamonas to the south.

The Olympus range can be divided into two parts, High or northern and Low Olympus, separated by the Karyas and Zilianas valleys. High Olympus rises to 2,917 metres, while Low Olympus, in Thessaly, does not exceed 1,590 metres.

Mount Olympus’ height, bulk and general morphology are extremely impressive and explain why it was considered sacred in antiquity.

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