Greece Mountains

Greece mountains are covering 60% of the Greece area

Greece is the most mountainous country in Europe after Norway and Albania. Its distinctive feature, however, is that you can see the sea from almost every mountain. No part of the interior is more than 100 kilometres from the coast.

This combination of mountains and sea, the constant succession of rock and water, form a picture of enchanting beauty and create the right conditions for unique ecosystems.

With their variety and commanding presence, mountains have been connected since the dawn of Greek history to myths, and later legends and folktales. From the dwelling-places of gods and heroes, they have become places of inspiration and sources of human creativity.

Their valuable natural resources and usefulness for local populations mean that mountains must be managed in a rational, sustainable way, which is why they are subject to special management and protection laws.

Mount Olympus, the home of the Olympian gods, is the highest mountain in Greece (2,915 m). Other majestic and beautiful mountains in Greece include Mount Ida (Psiloritis) and the White Mounts(Madares) in Crete, Taygetos Mount in the Peloponnese, Smolikas and Grammos Mounts in Macedonia, and Tymphe (Gamila) Mountain, Athamaniko and Pindus Mount in Epirus.

The largest Greek mountain range is the Pindus range, forming the backbone of mainland Greece, of which the mountains of the Peloponnese and Crete are a natural extension. Most Greek islands are actually the peaks of the submerged landmass of Aegeis, which once connected mainland Greece to Asia Minor.

Greece mountains are not particularly high, with none over 3,000 metres. However, all parts of Greece from Rodopi on the Bulgarian border to Crete have mountains over 2,000 metres. The steep cliffsides, chasms and gorges make even medium-sized peaks look like huge mountains. This is the case with Mount Dirphe in Euboea, a pyramid-shaped height whose sides drop sheer into the Aegean Sea.

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