George Dalaras, Greek Singer

george dalaras

George Dalaras was born in Piraeus, the main port of Athens.

George Dalaras comes from a tradition of folk and blues music. His father was a traditional musician and ” bouzouki” instrumentalist and his first musical memories are of the main forms of Hellenic music: the laika (popular), the rebetika (a kind of blues) and the paradosiaka (traditional).

Thanks to his exceptional voice and instrumental skills he has always been at the forefront of innovation in contemporary Greek music.

In the course of the last two decades he has become the benchmark of what his kind of music is (or should be) about , renewing the genre by leading his mainly youthful public along neglected musical paths like the smirneika and the rebetika.

In a country with so many flourishing traditions, George Dalaras has become a musical phenomenon.

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