Vefa Alexiadou

Greek Cuisine by Vefa Alexiadou

Greek cuisine book by Vefa AlexiadouVefa Alexiadou, a prolific author, scholar, and television personality, has set the standard for books on Greek cuisine.

Vefa Alexiadou includes recipes from all areas populated by Greeks, including Smyrna in Asia Minor.

Vefa Alexiadou’s love of cooking, combined with her artistic talent and scientific training, make her a well-respected authority on Greek cuisine and a regular on Greece’s most popular morning TV show.

Vefa Alexiadou is the leading authority on the culinary arts in Greece today.

Combining a heritage of traditional Greek cookery with her knowledge of chemistry, nutrition and food styling, she established her own publishing house, Vefa Alexiadou Editions, in 1980, which has steadily evolved into the best selling publisher of cookbooks in Greece today.

Vefa Alexiadou Editions is one of the 120 best cookbook publishers in the world according to the lists provided by the members of the International Association of Cookbook Stores.

Among her best-selling books are Invitation to Dinner, Invitation to Cocktails, Invitation to Tea, Invitation to a Children’s Party, Greek Cuisine, Greek Pastries and Desserts, and Festive Cuisine.

Vefa Alexiadou is an irrefutable authority on Greek pastries. Not only is Greek Pastries and Desserts written with precision, successfully adapting centuries-old recipes to modern methods, but the arrangement of recipes and their presentation must be lauded. At long last, here is a book that is as visually and aesthetically appealing as it is reliable and accurate. Experienced and neophyte bakers alike will find this handsomely bound tome indispensible.

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