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Theodoros Angelopoulos: Interviews (book)

Theodoros AngelopoulosTheodoros Angelopoulos (born in 1935) has chosen to make all his films, without exception, at home. Deeply rooted in the soil and culture of his native Greece, in its history, and in its contemporary political upheavals,

Like Ingmar Bergman before him, he proved once again that the truer a film artist is to himself and his background, the more relevant he is to the rest of the world. During the past thirty years as he has developed his own very personal thematic language, Theodoros Angelopoulos has become one of the most distinctively original filmmakers in the world today.

Theodoros Angelopoulos: Weeping Meadow

weeping meadow film by Theodoros AngelopoulosBerlin – Greek master Theo Angelopoulos‘ new film is the first in an intended trilogy, which he hopes will stand as the summation of all his work. It’s a typically poetic film, rich in powerful imagery, which sees a bitter personal tragedy unfold against the major events of 20th century Greece. Although the director doesn’t mine any new ground here, either in terms of style or content, it’s still a pleasure to sit through nearly three hours of perfectly controlled, visually evocative filmmaking.


Trilogy: The Weeping Meadow” unspooled in competition at Berlin, where it was a critical favorite. Although the film is 170 minutes long, this probably won’t hamper its performance at the boxoffice as viewers familiar with Angelopoulos’ work will know what to expect.

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