Metaxa, the Famous Greek Spirit

Metaxa is considered the most famous Greek spirit in the world. It is often mistaken for a brandy, but in fact it is much more than that. Thus, when we are talking about Metaxa we refer to this unique spirit and not to a brandy product.

METAXA: A timeless blend of tradition and craftsmanship

METAXA, a renowned name in the world of spirits, has been a symbol of exceptional quality and unique taste since its inception in 1888. Born from a vision to create a spirit unlike any other, METAXA stands today as a shining example of Greek craftsmanship and tradition.

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This prestigious line of Greek alcoholic beverages is known for its distinctly flavored blends of spirits and Muscat wine. Each variety is aged in oak barrels and presented in distinctive amphora-shaped bottles.

The brand’s origins date back to 1888, when Greek silk merchant Spyros Metaxas was inspired by a global palette of spirits and wines. Spyros Metaxas managed to produce a prestigious line of Greek alcoholic beverages is known for its distinctly flavored blends of spirits and Muscat wine. Each variety is aged in oak barrels and presented in distinctive amphora-shaped bottles. Metaxa’s iconic “Salamina Warrior” emblem was influenced by an ancient medallion that Spyros Metaxa discovered while establishing his distillery in Piraeus in 1888.

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After Spyros Metaxa’s death in 1909, his wife Despina took control of the company until their sons were ready to continue their father’s vision. Under their leadership, Metaxa became a globally recognized and appreciated spirit. Initially family-owned, the company underwent changes in ownership, being acquired by Grand Metropolitan in 1989 and later by Rémy Cointreau in 2000.

Timeline of Metaxa History

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1885: Spyros Metaxas invests in an old distillery in Piraeus.
1888: The creation of METAXA – The Original Greek Spirit
1900: METAXA’s first exports to America
1909: The Passing of Spyros Metaxa; The Legacy Continues
1963: The iconic “Amphora” bottle design by Yiannis Tseklenis
1968: The transition from Piraeus to Kiffisia
1988: Celebrating 100 years with the METAXA Centenary and the new 5 Star International Bottle
1990: Modernization of the Kiffisia Distillery; doubling of production capacity
2000: METAXA joins the Rémy Cointreau portfolio
2011: Launch of METAXA 12 Stars
2017: Acquisition and organic transformation of a vineyard in Samos
2021: The unveiling of METAXA Liknon in Samos
2023: METAXA’s global presence in over 40 countries and recognition as one of the world’s top 50 dark amber spirits.

Metaxa Varieties:

Metaxa is available in several varieties, each identified by a “star” rating. This rating may reflect the age of the product, the blend of base spirits and wines used, or its quality level. The main export products include Metaxa 5 Star, 7 Star, 12 Star and Private Reserve.

  • Metaxa 3 Stars: Known for its robust spiciness, this variety is often enjoyed with lemon or ice to temper its intense flavor.
  • Metaxa 5 Stars: A milder option with a fruity vanilla essence.
  • Metaxa 7 Stars: The brand’s most popular variety, with a pronounced Muscat aroma.
  • Metaxa 12 Stars: Regarded as the “diplomat’s choice,” it has subtle tobacco notes.
  • Metaxa Private Reserve: The premium selection, including contributions from the historic six-ton “Spyros” barrel, established over 70 years ago by the grandson of the company’s founder.

The brand also offers special editions such as Metaxa Grand Olympian Reserve, Metaxa Grand Fine, Metaxa Honey Shot, Metaxa Angel’s Treasure and Metaxa AEN, each with a unique flavor profile and aging process.

metaxa aen

The Secret Recipe of METAXA

The heart of METAXA lies in its closely guarded secret recipe, a tradition that has remained unchanged since 1888. The METAXA Master, a role steeped in expertise and tradition, is the guardian of this recipe, ensuring the continuity of METAXA’s unique character.

Key Ingredients and Process

Sweet Muscat Wine

METAXA’s journey begins with the selection of sweet Muscat wines from the Aegean islands, primarily Samos. These wines are selected for their distinctive sweetness and aromatic profile and form the basis of the METAXA blend.

Fine Wine Distillates

The second ingredient is fine wine distillates from the Mediterranean. These are selected by the METAXA Master for their elegant and balanced character, achieved through both column and pot still distillation methods.

Mediterranean Herbs and Botanicals

The aromatic soul of METAXA comes from a blend of Mediterranean herbs and botanicals. This secret blend, created by METAXA’s master distillers, imparts a unique and enticing aroma to the spirit.

The Art of Blending and Aging

The Blending and Aging

METAXA’s uniqueness is further enhanced during the aging process. The Muscat wine, wine distillates and secret botanicals are married in French Limousin oak barrels, allowing the flavors to blend and mature together.

The Final Blend

In the final stage of the process, the METAXA master distiller hand-selects and blends the spirits from each barrel to create each unique expression of METAXA, from METAXA 5 Stars to the prestigious METAXA AEN.

Commitment to Sustainability

METAXA prides itself not only on its rich heritage, but also on its commitment to sustainability. It is leading the agricultural transformation of Samos Island and implementing measures to reduce its carbon footprint.


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